In what year did Matt Avery win Star Search?

In what year did Matt Avery appear on the Tonight Show and with whom did he perform with?
1986; Tiffany

What song and with whom did Matt and Toby Keith perform together?
I Love This Bar; Big Brian

In the 1980's Matt got more ass than a toilet seat at what musical venue?
Lilith Fair

With what brand of beer does Matt fall off the bandwagon?

What two band logos were printed on Matt's wristbands?
ACDC & Kiss

What band does Matt love?
Motley Crue

What is Matt Avery's favorite word?

Matt Avery does not ask for ____, but they are _____?
tips; appreciated

Why doesn't Matt Avery ask for tips?
Not his style.

Questions compiled by Purdue University students.

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